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February Newsletter Crossword Puzzle Answers. 


3. Name of the first retirement community in Arizona –  Dreamland

7. Name of the County where your home is located  – Maricopa

8. There are 4 of these north of the Community –  Peaks

9. A mountain range near the community – Superstitions

12. Name of the nearest lake to the community – Saguaro

13. Short name for the community – Springs



1. The number Larry Fitzgeral wears  – Eleven

2. Name of the losing team in the NFL’s NFC Championship – Cardinals

4. Name of a city within Metropolitan Phoenix – Mesa

5. Name of the community’s Developer – Farnsworth

6. A person who assists in selling a home – Realtor

10. Age of the oldest homes in Sunland Springs Village – Seventeen

11. Number of Farnsworth Retirement Communities – Four

12. The name of the memory care facility in Sunland Springs – Summit